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RE: What if Trump Wins?

thoroughness & comprehension (check) • creativity (check) • use of platform (plus)

this is a great hot topic that many of us young (and old!) liberals can relate to, but i’m scared that it will get muddled down with the thousands of other opinion articles on this topic. the idea of quoting and ruminating on a reddit post is a great tactic to take this beyond medium and the limitations of one website, but this topic begs for a little bit of fictional writing. if you can imagine it, what does a new story during a trumpresidency look like? are things redacted, do you have to refer to him as something like the Supreme? etc. i’ll admit i didn’t watch the speech because NPR plays too much of this bumpkin already, but it’s a great placement and social commentary. this piece also suggests an alternate if BERNIE were to get the presidency, would love to hear your thoughts on that topic!

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