How To Curate A Group Show And Not To Fail
Yana Andriesh

RE: How To Curate A Group Show And Not Fail

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (plus) • use of platform (check)

i really enjoyed this piece as someone who wants to get into curating, but has no idea how. that said, you should state your intention and who this piece is for in a little preface to the article before jumping right in. why are you writing this? did you see an AWFUL group show and needed to lend some advice, or are you interested in this field cerebrally and need to share your knowledge with the world?

there are a few things that could help this article along. first, a little read over to make sure the grammar ebbs and flows; you have a distinct writing style in english, but we want to make sure it’s consistent and you sound authoritative. another thing would be examples of successful and failures of group shows. the listicle helps to order these ideas, but you can’t rely on the format and your audience to understand what you mean, you have to spell it out, and hold our hands while you take us on this journey. i’m very interested to see where this topic goes!!

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