Transmedia: The Walking Dead

  • What sorts of different media your example is formed across (i.e. TV, games, films, etc.) — and how? There is the TV show, Spin of TV show (Fear the Walking Dead),Comic Books (which the series originates from), board games, card games, multiple video games, novels, figurines, clothing, app, even a pinball machine!
  • How global is your media example (i.e. its reach to international audiences — and the size of that audience)? It is extremely international it is broadcast to 120 countries. On Twitter alone the official account as approx. 1.6million subscribers. They have a convention called Walker Stalker Con in London, Germany, Australia and America, this event even has a Cruise now!!!
  • Can you identify any codes and conventions of global transmedia productions? (i.e. similarities with those discussed in the lecture/the reading?) Not all the different platforms follow the adventure of Rick Grimes and the rest but they follow completely different people in the dystopian world of zombies. Fans will want to learn about the expanded universe and will follow the franchise across different platforms. Different products and platforms will appeal to different types of audiences across the world.
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