“I exploded with laughter!” Karina says. Karina was telling her best friend, Shanice, about her husband. “So I’m cooking spaghetti for our lovely kids and you know how I am when I cook, I’m happy and like listening to music. So I’m just jamming out, Jonathan comes into the kitchen and turns it off! I turn around, then ask him why he would do such a thing! I look at his face expecting him to laugh at my dramatics, but he looked so solemn. So I walk up to him and touch his forehead. You know how Jon is when he’s sick, he acts like a big baby! HA! I’m like, ‘Sweetie, are you okay?’ He removes my hand and says, ‘Yes, yes, I’m fine.’ Then he just stares at me and I’m worrying because I don’t know what’s going on with him! I thought maybe his mother died or something! ‘Babe,’ I say to him. ‘What’s going on?’ Then he says those words that I thought he would never say in a million years! ‘I want a divorce.’”