All The Thing You Wish You Could Say

We’re taught growing up what is appropriate to say to people, and what isn’t. It helps relationships and have good communication. It helps prevent hurt feelings. But what happens to the things that are left unsaid? It doesn’t just go away. It looms over head.

When you’re upset with someone’s actions, you always choose your words carefully so as not to hurt feelings. But what about your feelings? Are you holding back too much? And what will you do with those feelings that you’re hanging on to?

Grudges are born from everything you left unsaid. That’s not always how a grudge is born. But when you leave things unsaid and don’t work through those feelings, a grudge is born. So everything that helped build a relationship, can also break one down.

Sometimes my favorite things about children is how painfully honest they can be. They haven’t learned to hold some things back. So they don’t hang on to that anger. Small children have no problem saying, “that looks terrible on you,” or, “you’re being a big meany head!”

So what do we do when we hold things back? How do you let it go without creating a grudge? You can talk it out and be blunt about what is hurting you and hope for the best. You can write it all out and get it out through your writing. Vent to someone, create something, break something.

The bottom line is that you do something about it. Every last thing that you hold back, you need to free yourself from. Don’t let it bring you down. Let go of your inner demons and free yourself. Let go of everything you didn’t say.

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