Kind Notes

I’ll be honest with you all, this has not been my day much less my week. And it can really wear on you when you go through more than one day in a row of garbage. I’ve been doing my best to keep my chin up and press through.

On my drive home from work, I was thinking about what I should write tonight, like I usually do. I was pretty set on writing about how important it is to respect people and think about how you address someone with every situation. But after making it home, I was opening my mail and decided on something else.

Of course as everyone is very aware, it’s middle of December which means it’s holiday time. So people are sending out cards, pictures, letters and packages to people. It’s like a sudden surge in mail being sent out. So I wasn’t surprised to find a couple cards in with my mail today. The one I enjoyed the most to read was from my maternal grandmother.

Upon opening the card, I was surprised to find a long note inside. From time to time, grandma will add a little note, but not something long enough to cover one whole side of the card. So I was quite curious to see what it had to say.

My grandma began by thanking me for sending her a card with my new address and expressing how happy she is to hear that I am getting settled in my new home. Then she went on to explain how she heard that I had started writing and how happy she was to hear about it. She also sent me words of encouragement to continue with my writing.

The end of her note was telling me a nice story. One day while my grandma was out for church, my parents stopped by to decorate her new apartment. She expressed how thrilled she was to come home and find how her place looked freshly decorated. She also explained how much she enjoyed the comments she received from visitors.

By the time I finished reading the card from my grandma, I wasn’t nearly as angry anymore. Just getting a kind little note felt really nice. My grandma had no idea what kind of day I would be having when she sent this to me. She didn’t know how much I needed a nice little note from her on this very day. But that’s what’s really wonderful about sending people notes. You don’t know if they might need it to brighten up their day. And even if you’re already having a great day, you will still appreciate getting something nice from someone. It’s always wonderful getting a nice written message from someone you love.

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