Homework (p.g. 83)

The article on “The Man Who Shoot Osama Bin Laden is Screwed” was a terribly long and not divided up article. Its a shame that the article wasn’t as pleasing to the eye as I would have hoped. Since this shooting was such a huge historical event in my life time. It talks about how it is important to divide up the the writing into chucks that why it makes it easier to read as well as t helps you know how much longer you have to and can be used as like a meter, which people like to know how much more time the want o invent in the reading. It would be beneficial to since this article gives dates and events for each of those date to just condense those and make a list and summarize what exiting happened that day instead of going into every little detail. This would help with the length and help the reader get a brief idea of what went on each day with out over doing it. The artillery did not have very many picture or content so I would defiantly integrate a video at the end of the man that shoot him and almost get a short interview of him answering key questions. I would also add other visuals all through out the document.

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