Journalism Feature Story

Facebook is one of today’s main sources of news. With people slowly straying from reading newspapers and news sites, Facebook is the go when someone wants to know what’s going on in our world.

There are so many different sources through Facebook that send out news. BuzzFeed is a really popular page that makes videos with their employees. They talk about the newest trends, tutorials and report news as well.

Along with BuzzFeed, all major news stations have Facebook pages as well; ABC, NCB, Fox, CBC and many more.

Another way that journalism is promoted through Facebook is by journalists simply posting their stories. It doesn’t necessarily have to be important news. Journalists write stories and the best way for people to see them is to post them on Facebook, or share it to Facebook through a blog.

Successful journalism is getting it out there, plain and simple. If people aren’t seeing a journalist’s work, then what is the point?

The future of journalism is something that truly needs to be taken seriously. I don’t think enough people really think about how much we need journalism. Like people said in our video, without journalism, we wouldn’t know anything.

Matt Shipman posted an article in Scilogs about why journalism matters.

“It’s human nature to be curious about the world around us,” Shipman said. “We want to know about people, places and events that affect our lives. Hell, we often want to know about things that have nothing to do with us. Humans are insatiable consumers of information.”

I completely agree with him when he said that we often want to know about things that have nothing to do with us. Take celebrities for example; yeah they’re important because they’re famous, but they honestly have nothing to do with us. But we still find ourselves constantly reading about them, seeing what the drama is today.

Another important part of journalism and it’s future is making sure the facts are straight. A lot of stuff is reported through news, but the truth has to be made sure. If something is reported that turns out to be false, a lot of stuff can happen, including the journalist losing their job.

The future of journalism needs to be taken seriously, and it’s our job to make sure that it happens. We need to promote it, we need to encourage it and we need to use social media as a means to do that.