And it’s only Tuesday.

Sometimes life is a little bit faster than we’d like, right?

Last night, my friend reminded me that I was going to NYC Thursday for a networking event I am volunteering for on Friday. AND I HADN’T EVEN BOUGHT MY BUS TICKET!

It’s times like these when I hate my scattered brain.

God love her, but I inherited it from my mom. I used to hate being late to things, having a messy house, etc. and vowed that would not be me.

And alas, here I am. I hate clichés as much as the next chick yet have fallen into the “You turn out like your parents” trap.

Anyways, my New Year’s Resolutions sound pretty much like most people’s:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Eat better
  3. Keep up with The Bachelor
  4. Don’t procrastinate homework
  6. Cook more
  7. Don’t spend as much money
  8. Find peace in the uncertainty of Senior Year
  9. Dress nicer

So far, I’ve been decent about showing up on time, but I’ve started procrastinating and it’s literally the second week of the semester. Buck up, Hannah.

Also I’m cooking more! Partially because I’m broke, and partially because I get so sad when I grocery shop then all of that food goes to waste.

Actually, I’m typing this over spaghetti squash, onions, marinara sauce, chicken, and a Blue Moon.

Pro-tip: spaghetti squash is cheap and makes a LOT.

Coming home to an empty apartment is the best. Don’t get me wrong — I am so thankful for and love my roommate — but having the quiet and the space to get my chores done is so relaxing.

So is writing.

I’ve had around 5 “I’m going to start a blog!” phases of my life, which of course result in meager attempts at a regular posting cycle.

So I am very noncommittally, non-judgmentally, non-Facebook-status-ally going to try to write as much as possible. Thankfully Medium is so easy to use, and I can even write on my iPhone.

I know nobody will read this — even better! Consider it an exercise of my own free will. Writing because I can, not because I posted a Facebook status about my new blog.

Who knows what will happen.