Things They Don’t Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

1. It's hard. It's so hard. Maybe that one is obvious, but you never truly realize it until you're laying in bed alone looking into the eyes of the one you love through a screen. You walk alone and watch couples holding hands and wonder what it would be like if your love was there. You wonder how the warmth of their palms would feel against your own and how nice it would be to hear that beautiful laugh in person.

2. You get criticised. And maybe that's a natural thing. I mean, I'd be uneasy if my daughter told me she'd fallen in love with a boy over the Internet. But sometimes, it really is love. And when that man tells you that you're just wasting your time, you can tell them that love isn't a waste of time. They can say what they want, but you're happy and the look in your love's eyes tell you that they're happy as well.

3. There is nothing on this earth that is better than the moment when you two finally meet. When you finally spot them in person, you will be in awe. Seeing them for the first time will make you question whether this moment is a dream or not. When you finally intertwine your fingers with theirs, you will notice just how well your hands fit together. Like two puzzle pieces. When you two hug for the first time, it will be a tight hug that lasts an eternity. They will smell so good and they will feel so warm. When you finally kiss, it will be hesitant, but sweet and soft. It will make your heart race so fast that it feels like it's going to explode in your chest.

4. The goodbye is the hardest part. The time spent together goes by too fast. The few hours leading up to the dreaded goodbye is full of tears and quick kisses. The goodbye is too soon. When you two are standing together near the door and holding each other one final time, you won't be able to keep your tears back. The feeling of their warmth against you will be gone again soon and all you can do is hold on to them for just a few seconds longer. When you kiss, your lips are dampened by the tears running down your cheeks. The look that you give each other begs time to stop, so you can stay together just a little bit longer. But the world is cruel and before you can even register it, they're out the door and gone.

5. It only gets harder from here. The warmth that their skin has provided is no longer a stranger. You have felt them now. And now, when you're looking at them through a screen, you crave them with every piece of you. You now know the feeling of their lips and right now, kissing them would feel better than any drug. But there's nothing you can do about it. They're too far away now. It's the waiting game again, only you had memorized their touch when they had come down to see you and now it feels like a piece of you went out the door with them.

6. It’s worth it. It’s so worth it. When you’re truly in love, it’s all worth it. Waiting to see them again makes the wait bearable. The spark that ran through your body the minute you two made eye contact was a sign to stay. They love you. You love them. Love is a hard game to play, but you are the coach. The electric felt when you two were intertwined in each other’s arms is the only thing that runs through your head. The small passionate kisses shared in the car is enough to fill your body with the same warmth you felt before. The trust that you have for each other keeps the relationship strong. The whispered I love yous is just enough to quicken the wait as you count down the days to the next time you can see each other.

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