Love in the Time of Cholera, I Mean, Coronavirus

Surviving walking dates during the world’s longest lockdown

Hannah Olivia
3 min readSep 29, 2021
Me wearing three very different walking date outfits

It was late afternoon and I was standing on the corner of Punt Road. I leaned in to give him a “mwah” on the cheek. It was awkward, as these things are at peak hour on a Thursday afternoon at the busiest intersection in Melbourne.

“Wanna make out?” He said.

“Here?” I laughed nervously.

“We can pretend we’re somewhere else. Like a holiday romance.”

I side-eyed the nosy walkers crowding around the traffic lights a few meters away. “Sure.”

And so we made out. Passionately, with tongue and everything.

As I walked off into the sunset, I texted my mom immediately (yes, I know, I have issues). “Omg I just made out with him on the corner of Punt Road LOL.”

She replied, “Lol. You go girl. I saw you. I was so embarrassed, I can’t even! Dad and I were on our walk. Seriously, who do you think you are? Kourtney and Travis!”

“Omg, no you didn’t? I’m dying… Omg I’m actually dying.” My face was burning.

I got a text back. “Yes we did. Die girl.”

I later found out this was one of my mom’s elaborate hoaxes (one of the reasons I…