The Moment I Realised It Was Time to Delete My Dating Apps

Dating isn’t a numbers game. It’s a game of patience.

Hannah Olivia
3 min readMar 17, 2023
Photo by Ays Be on Unsplash

I remember the exact moment I realised I would never, ever, ever, ever meet someone on dating apps. International borders had just opened, and I was heading on my first overseas trip. I’d spent a total of eight months in lockdown and I’d been single throughout the whole thing. Well, actually, I’d been single for a whole lot longer.

It had been nine long years since my last relationship. And nine long years on (and off) dating apps.

I decided I needed a break from the city dating scene. People were just too damn flaky in the city. And really rude. It was as if no one cared about my feelings.

I headed to a tropical island in Thailand for a few months. Dating apps had completely eviscerated my confidence and I wanted to get my sparkle back.

And maybe people were less rude on holidays?

I was still using my dating apps when I landed, and I soon started chatting with this guy on Hinge. A few days later I was at the gym and I turned around, and guess who it was? The guy from Hinge. Except he was acting like I didn’t exist. And so I just pretended he didn’t exist.