Attending the #DevCraftKE Event 2016

This was one of the best planned/organized Tech event I have attended so far in Nairobi. I must admit I only went on Day 1 — Thursday to see if I would show up for Day 2.

I have purposed to attend at least 1 Tech event in every 2 months or so and I must say that the time spent in these (AWIT, Andela Meet-up) events have been worth every minute. Despite the usual “running out of time” issue that comes up in every meet-up event, generally the topics were well handled and for me the panel sessions were my favorite.

Let’s fast forward to the second day where I ended up being in the panel to discuss on “Diversity in Software Development” I wasn’t that prepared but it was easy to speak from my current status as a Woman in the tech field, it’s a known fact that not many women are represented in this field.

Look at me rocking the dashiki print top! :-)

After this great exposure I have come across several articles trying to explain the same agenda on diversity and one that I have come to like and agree with most of the points mentioned is this one Rachel Thomas here.

I wouldn’t want to list down all the things she said here but the one thing that I strongly believe would help change this diversity and I am now involved in is, Mentoring/Training more women in this field.

AkiraChix has given me my first local experience in mentoring a woman in Tech.

What steps have you taken to improve this diversity?