Maiden Post

After spending over 2 hours trying to ‘google’ (Yes, I google everything) how to come up with an introduction post, I decided to just start typing and see what my brain comes up with.

I might as well start by taking stock:

  1. What am I currently reading? — Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson
  2. Linux vs OSx vs Windows? —Linux anyday! I especially enjoy using ubuntu.
  3. What mobile app do I have open 90% of the time? — I have to admit, Whats App
  4. What web browser plugin makes me happy? — I absolutely love Pushbullet on Google Chrome.
  5. Who’s the best tech entrepreneur I know about? — I really admire Jeff Weiner
  6. What’s my best tech gadget? — I own a kindle fire HD, best investment so far.
  7. What’s my dream job? — Working for Google.
  8. What’s the most daring thing I have done as a coder? — I once told a client I can develop an ecommmerce website yet I had no idea how to start but in the end (sleepless nights) I figured it out.
  9. What can I do with my eyes closed? — Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. :-D haha!
  10. What’s the best piece of advice I have ever heard? — “As a coder, your competition is not just the people around you, it’s that boy/girl in Japan/China, who has grown up coding from a tender age.”