Giving back to the Community

This week I was involved in a teaching session that is run by the TutuTech Kids Program — They are a team who seek to tap into kids Technological genius and create an Empowered Problem Solving Community of kids through coding, robotics and electronics.

We were given a chance to teach a group of 20 students in the lower primary classes at the Madaraka primary school and here are some of the lessons I learnt during the 1-hour session we had:

  • Teaching computer basics to young minds is quite humbling especially if you are a proficient computer user. I remember struggling to find an easy way to explain what the touchpad section on the laptop was… “box area”, “square thing” …What would you have said?
  • The joy I saw on their faces when the simple application we built together ran well is the same joy experienced by a developer who has just successfully fixed a bug in a complex application.
  • Solving problems is the best approach when teaching kids on how to code, because they will develop a problem solving logic in getting to the solution. These steps will include:
1) Identifying the problem
2) Picking a solution
3) Testing out the solution

We got help from 2 students who were working in the school as teachers to get around 200 hours for their community service as part of their course work. This made me realize how sometimes the little things we do go a long way in impacting the lives of those around us.

We all really enjoyed the session and most of all, I was motivated to keep going back.

Share with me below, some of your experiences you had while giving back to the community.