Sharing is Caring

A few days ago I was invited to give a talk about my journey into the tech world to a group of students in a programming school, Moringa. It is a software developer accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I wouldn’t want to go into details of how nervous and tense I was before the talk nor will I mention how I almost just didn’t show up on the day. Instead, I will simply say I rose to the occasion, got to the venue on time and braced my fears like we all do :-)

Here are some of the points I shared during my talk:

1) Collaborate with other Software Developers

This point has been and still is one of my greatest pillars as I journey through this field, because I find it’s easier to learn from the mistakes of those who have gone “ahead” so as to avoid making similar mistakes and when I am stuck in a rut or in an endless loop of bug fixing, I can quickly get help from a more experienced developer.

SO: Serah Njambi Rono, Philip Moturi Moturi, Ian Brayoni

2) Attend Tech Events

As much as this highly depends on your availability/flexibility, I think it is important to attend at least two or more events in a year. I wasn’t keen in this until I attended one that was well planned and I wasn’t disappointed in my decision.

SO: Prosper Otemuyiwa, Segun Famisa, Kirui K. Kennedy

3) Apply for online jobs

This is quite helpful especially for those who want to work remotely and also for any software developer who wants to get to work on more projects that are currently trending in their field of expertise.

4) Maximize on free online materials, YouTube, Udemy, Edx, Coursera

The list is endless here. You can refer to this post by one of the skilled developers I know. He shared so many helpful links that I highly recommend.

5) Don’t be afraid to step out!

You are your best encourager. No one else can motivate you to keep going if you don’t believe in yourself.

6) Understand your client.

Before you start charging for your work/projects, understand the nature of your client’s business and know how much they can be willing to pay. Otherwise, you will be fighting a losing battle.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any points you can add to my post, you never know who you will be inspiring.