The past and future of laundry
Carl Tashian

Great article and responses. Brings back memories of laundry days gone by. As a child my job, as soon as I was tall enough, was to hang the laundry on one of those square lines. Always put the underwear on the inside where it can’t be seen, sheets on the outside — which was also the highest and not easy. It wasn’t possible to manipulate the clothing and clothespins in gloves, so my hands got really, really cold in the winter. And then the water in the clothes would freeze and they would become almost blocks of ice. I don’t remember if they were still wet when they defrosted — not part of my job!

These days I hang out from the spring until well in the fall, but haven’t had space indoors. I find both the washing and hanging out to be meditative, particularly the hanging. And I still hide the underwear…

Before I had my own machines I went to a wash and fold, which was much less expensive than Washio. Here in Philadelphia we now also have laundry delivery on bikes — two large bins on a bicycle frame. I marvel at the riders hauling them up hills, of which there are many in my neighborhood.

Exellent and thought provoking article.

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