Rise of the Small Farm Robots. Part 2
Brian Halweil

Interesting. I fear for the baby being thrown out with the bath water. While there is certainly a lot of drudgery that can be (potentially) eliminated, the jobs of those people currently performing many of those functions will be eliminated. The robot herding sheep really put me off. A world with no sheep dogs doing their thing? I hope the developers, in their zeal, don’t rid the world of the joy and skill of dealing with the earth and its domesticated creatures.

I am a semi-avid home gardener and love the anticipation, the turning over of the soil with attendant sore muscles, the planting, even the weeding (as long as I’ve mulched correctly). Winning a harvest with a bit of sweat and dirty fingernails is that much sweeter. I hope my grandchildren will still have plenty of opportunity to do same, and still have a healthy robot community.

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