How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind
Mirah Curzer

Reading this, I thought of the Viet Nam war and the massive resistance that brought down Johnson and perhaps helped end it. One of the reasons was that it was virtually a single issue resistance. When the war ended and every cause started tooting its own horn, the Movement fell apart.

The history underscores the importance of your post. “United we stand” means united in resistance to the entire regime, not just the piece in which we are interested. If we can weave all the pieces together into one, we will ultimately win.

The Saul Alinsky quote is great, as is his work. I urge new (and old!) activists to read him and others. It might help ground the work we are doing now. Alinsky worked with disadvantaged people. As a comment on the article mentions, the activists in today’s struggle are largely privileged. I don’t think that matters much. We are fighting to keep democracy, which affects everyone. We are fighting for the people who voted for Trump, who didn’t realize what they were asking for. As disillusion spreads, once all those executive orders reach Congress and reality starts to sink in, resistance will grow. It is just starting here.

Thanks for an excellent article. Have some fun and keep the faith!

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