The Ten Directions
Benjamin Schulz

There are generally two types of prayer: intercessory and contemplative, for lack of better word. We who have been brought up in the Judeo-Christian mold are taught, (at least the Christians are, I can’t speak particularly to Judaism) that prayer means “ask God for something and expect something in return.” But that is such a small part of prayer. Benjamin Schulz, your prayer is more contemplative. It is an opening of yourself, an emptying, to let God come in. It is not a request, but a letting go of requests. It is beautiful, as is your piece. I thank you for sharing it.

I am also somewhat disheartened by the responses, which (mostly) assume that intercessions are the end all and be all of prayer. Contemplative prayer has actually been in the Christian Church virtually since the beginning, and is a way to get closer to God, and to oneself, by letting go. Lots of common ground with Buddhism. Such a rich way to approach living, even if one small prayer a day….

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