The end of war forever: towards global peace

While it is true that each and every person needs to make peace within themselves, and with themselves, to be a person that lives a life of integrity, of happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment, on the socio-political level a critical element is missing from the current public discourse about warfare, refugees, and human rights, and how on earth to put out the raging fires in Syria, in the other Middle East countries, in China (real death camps and their 200,000 victims are the practioners of the Fulan Gong mediation movement), Turkey (the Erdogan regime is after Gulen the leader of an enlightened Islamic movement advocating the study of science, the practice of business, and selfless service, all perfectly wonderful and worthwhile values, and can only marvel that Turkey has labelled him “number one terrorist” and seeks his extradiction now from the USA).

What is missing is the spiritual dimension of humanity, that man is endowed with the Divine Likeness, in that he has a soul, that has been endowed by the Creator with the capacity to choose, to think, to reflect, to change, to evolve, and even more so that he is capable of “Receiving, to Give” (sm), meaning he can achieve a state of consciousness in which he “listens”, “hears”, “sees”, and eventually “understands” what the Creator is communicating to him or her. In the Chassidic literature, the Biblical concept of the “Zelem Elokim”, the “Divine Image” which features in the creation account in the book of Genesis, is explained by the Rebbe Rayatz as “human reason”. He quotes the Mishna which says “Beloved is man, who is created in the Image of G-d” and comments that “image of G-d” refers to man’s thinking capacity.

All the political leaders who are trying to deal with the problem of warfare, and its disastrous consequences for human civilization, are missing the main point: that were we as a global society to obey the Divine instructions for human life, we would not even begin to consider war as a strategy, since we are commanded by the Creator “Do not kill”. It is as simple as that. About the Holocaust, the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, said that would the nations have learned about and followed the code of universal moral law, the Holocaust could not have occurred. Nor would 50 million people been killed on the European continent during World War II.

Why should women have babies when the males will grow up to be soldiers who will meet other soldiers in battle and kill one another? And why should the UN convene meetings in New York about the 63 million refugees in the world, many of them due to the circumstance of war, when at the same time the arms industry in the civilized country continues to produce their weapons, and arms deals — often illegal — continue to then supply these weapons to the sites of conflict? Wouldn’t it be a better solution, if we basically outlawed both war and weapons production on an international level, and mandated that groups in conflict be required to talk about their conflicts, if need be with professional mediators.

You have disagreements? Grievances? You are fighting about land, power, ideology, religious beliefs? No problem? All you need to do is convene a properly fascilitated conflict resolution meeting, with trained UN personnel in attendance and we will come and debate as long as it takes for the peace to be restored. About the quote from Isaiah on the UN building “And they will beat their swords into plowshares and nations will not make war against other nations anymore”, the renowed Torah commentator the Radak commented:

“Moshiach will arbitrate between the nations and make peace between them”. What does the Moshiach have that no other man has? How can he accomplish the impossible, and get men to abandon their engrained reflex, and their time-honored fighting traditions, to attack and kill each other? Simply, the Moshiach is the agent of the Divine, and as the agent of the Divine, he has two capacities: He can confront evil powerfully and annul it, and he can mobilize the good in man, his Divine essence, through his teaching humanity in a clear and doable manner what sustainable consciousness is actually all about, meaning what is the way forward now in the redemption, so the true resource on this planet, e.g. human beings, can be fully developed, and be raised up to fulfill its actual purpose.

“And they will all act in unison, shoulder to shoulder” describes the unification of humanity not via Google and Facebook, rather the humble acceptance of the basic principles of life, not because they are good and noble, and make sense, and make a better society, but simply by realizing that indeed they are given by the Creator for all humanity, and that when we follow them, we build a beautiful and worthwhile world together.

This thinking capacity we will call now consciousness and its development as SC Sustenable Consciousness is the agenda ahead of us. Consciousness is the real goal of all religion and therapy. Or other development work. Consciousness is achieved in a cumulative process, and proceeds best in a community framework. One of its features is the ability in real time to receive understanding from the Higher Realms. Unless we believe in the authenticity of the Prophetic tradition that is the Torah (and to some extent also the other prophetic traditions, with certain major historical incongruencies to be boldly addressed and resolved), then the entire existence of the Jewish people is a trek of meaningless suffering through history. However once we understand that the Jewish people are indeed a prophetic people in their essence and that the development of higher consciousness was their main objective from the time of the beginnings with Abraham, the founder and until Moses, who received the Torah on the behalf of the people and for the people — the same Torah (from the term “hora’ah” meaning, authentic spiritual teaching) that was paradoxically already known and practised centuries before the Official Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai by the Father Abraham, Itzhak and Ya’akov-then the resurgence of the tradition in Israel and in the world can be understood for what it is: the restoration slowly slowly in a 3 generation process of all the elements for the Jewish people to be restored to their purpose: through Torah, through Prophecy, through Kingship: soon a King from the House of the David through the line of Solomon, and through what the Bible calls “the circumcision of the heart performed by G-d Himself”.

“And I will remove the heart of stone, and instead give you a heart of flesh”. The good news about the Moshiach’s arrival is that at last among the adherents of the various religions, be they Christians, Jews, Muslims, “Hasteners” in Iran waiting for the Hidden Iman, or all the other meditative traditions and practices (Falun Gong, Gulen movement etc.), there will be no more argument about who is boss. The Moshiach comes both to Israel and to the nations. While eagerly awaited most especially by Torah observant Jews in Israel and around the world, he requires that people get ready for him by doing away with the nonsense in our lives, and that we start taking ourselves seriously: We are beings in the Divine Image, nothing stands before the will of a human being on purpose, we the 7th generation are charged by Heaven to bring the redemption by actively fighting and making evil impossible, and by doing kindness with one another as well.

Therefore it is our job as consumers of products, and as voters to demand of our respective governments, whom we finance with our taxes, to end war forever on planet earth, and likewise it is our job as citizens to demand that the children we bring into the world receive a spiritual and a moral education, that equips them to rise to their inherent greatness. My own contribution to all of this will be to now complete and launch my book “The end of war forever — the future of humanity in the era of spiritual enlightenment” by the 1st of December 2016 on Amazon eKindle, first in English, then in German, later further translations. Then to pay a visit to New York and visit the UN missions personally to provide them with a hardcover copy of the book and befriend their staff. And number 3 to turn the book into a feature film that will make the reality of the redemption of humanity, a palpable visual experience and motivate the masses on the Internet to get ready for “all serving as one shoulder”.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to your correspondence on ‘’. In another 12 days it is the Jewish New Year 5777, so from my perspective a good year to teach and inspire the 7 universal moral laws around the world, a spiritual law received on Mount Sinai, which is the only lasting basis for the stability and perfection of the nations. G-d bless.