CNA Unusual News

Florida Couple Left Name In Gallery Guestbook Before Robbery: Police

Huffington Post reports a pretty strange story of a couple from Florida. According to the Palm Beach police Megan Ohara and David Ziskowski took a bracelet and a ring from an exhibition held at the IFCA gallery. Strangely enough, they were found by the police due to the evidence they left by signing their names in the gallery guestbook.

Snake on a Bus: 4-Foot-Long Boa Constrictor Forces SEPTA Bus to Evacuate

NBC reports that on Sunday, a bus in the city of Philadelphia was evacuated due to a 4-foot-long boa constrictor. A man originally came on board carrying their snake, somehow the snake got loose. The bus was then evacuated. Eventually, the officials were able to safely remove the snake and reboard the bus.

‘Back To The Future’ Fans: Austria Issues Hoverboard Rules

According to Abc, Back to The Future fans in Austria are taking today’s date to a whole new level. In honor of Marty Mcfly going to the future on October 21, 2015, Austria has created hoverboard traffic rules for their citizens. Although hoverboards may never go past the prototype phase, hoverboarders are encouraged to wear helmets and to be aware of possible future regulations for use over water.