The Parting Glass Speech

Hello my friends, today’s the day our journey begins; where our joyless moments are the gorgeous lights in the world full of sin. Where our legacies live on with out infamy. And the lessons we learn together will be taught again for all eternity.

Yesterday my friends means nothing to what we make of today. Live as though your breath will disappear in the everything of everyday. As if the hourglass pouring sand is soon to be done. So go now and fill your mind of the enlightened emblem of everyone.

Today lets be together in this humble abide. For I know what’s mine is yours and what yours is mine; and my days will soon drift away like the tide. As I go someday leaving my morals to you for an impact. Know I will live for you as you live for I in a honorable and gracious act.

Tomorrow we endeavor with adventure as our relationships and bonds thicken. But soon I will be a piece but missing and gone in your life; never forgotten but ever so stricken. Now yesterday is a memory never to happen again. While today is ours for the taking. Which begins the makings of our future, oh so prosperous in the end.

Now “goodbye my friends”, is a phrase you mustn’t worry with your breath till the last. Even though time waits for no one, our history is a still strong in the foundation of the past. For we will be but all merry, humble, and sing to the parting glass. I will meet you again, as long as our will remains secured, strong, and tall. And remember the line from the joyful tune, “goodnight and joy be to you all.”

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