Hello world!

Welcome to my first story. Today I learned about Medium through an article from Productivityist that is changing the way I absorb and use the abundant information available at my paws.

I have always valued learning and aim to learn something new every day. I’m a reader. Books, newspapers, journals, articles, blog posts, recipes. You name it, I read it. Even those stories on Snapchat from different social media and news sources. I thought I was exposing myself to new ideas. Useful knowledge. It turns out that I hardly remember any of it! Except celebrity gossip on Snapchat… which is interesting since I usually skim through that on my way to the next interesting article. What good is all that reading if I don’t remember it?

That’s where the article by Niklas Goeke comes into play. I wanted to challenge coworkers to learn something new every day, you know, thinking that I was already doing this and could guide them. But when I went to write a summary for the weekly challenge, I drew a blank and quickly summoned a search engine to inspire me. I clicked on Goeke’s guest article, devoured every word, and realized my old method of taking in all possible information was not giving me the results I thought. Who knew a “How To” for learning something new every day [totally meant for a work challenge] would lead me here?

The best part of my day was figuring out what I was going to write about this evening. Would I go home and read my technology magazines for inspiration? Watch a documentary? Find a recipe? Nope. I just opened Medium and sat watching the caret blink. I typed a couple of different titles. Highlighted and made them bold. Italicized. Deleted each one. Almost feeling defeated on day one of sharing what I learned, I realized that this article was exactly that. Today I learned something new that I can use to continue learning new things every day!

If you took the time to read this [or didn’t, that’s okay, too] then I encourage you to read the article below. Maybe it will change the way you absorb information and share it. Maybe you will share the article, too. Maybe I will go eat ice cream now.


Link: https://productivityist.com/how-to-learn-something-new-every-day/