Working Behind the Mic

Black Squirrel Radio’s student- run organization keeps members involved with creativity and responsibility.

20-year design director, Sarah Tamilio, has been involved in BSR since Fall 2015. She started by hosting a radio-show consisting of alternative and band interviews. She decided to utilize the skills she has learned in her visual communication design major and apply them to the station.

“Working at Black Squirrel Radio has been highly collaborative. I enjoy having the ability to utilize my skills to help maintain the functionality of the design aspect on and off campus. The responsibility of keeping the brand constant has kept me motivated” Tamilio said.

Max Nobis, Director of the Music Department has learned how to better his communication skills. He started in BSR with a hip-hop based radio show, which airs every Friday 6–8 p.m. As he heads toward graduation, he hopes BSR stays creative and innovative.

Max Nobis

“The most memorable thing I’ve done as director is learning the skill of leading others,” Nobis said.

Tamilio and Nobis have collaborated together with the “MABer,” a newsletter strictly for DJ’s to learn about new song submissions and for the music coordinators to write song reviews on.

Tamilio said, “I’ve grown as a designer by making creative decisions myself and being able to delegate coordinators as to where the direction for a project should head. The experience I’ve had in leading will definitely help in my field.”

BSR has 56 radio shows, which brings in a wide-rang of unique students, varying in interests and majors. Nobis is in charge of confirming each shows music is uploaded and edited to the station.

“We all share one common interest. Music,” Tamilio said.

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