Teacher Problems #1

Yes, these will be ordered correctly because it annoys me when people use lists ineffectively.

We’re just over half way into the summer holidays. Now, I know I’ve just lost a lot of people because they are wondering what problem teachers could have in the middle of the summer holidays. That’s the point, isn’t it? Only teachers will get this one.


As I reach the middle of my holiday, I’m realising the pile of work that awaits me. It’s not a literal pile on my desk in an empty school that I’ll be greeting on 5th September. It’s online now, and it’s the paperwork that I really don’t have time for in term time.

Here’s me looking at the scheme of work (SOW – yeah, welcome to all of the initialisms and acronyms in teaching) that I have to make PowerPoints for; and the computerised detention list that I have to fix; and the displays for the department that I have to make; and the stationary cupboard that I have to organise… etc. etc.

It’s not like I don’t have the time. It’s just the winding up process that I now have to go through to be ready for the kids on that first day. To go into the year as fully prepared as I can and make sure that everything I do is worthwhile.

And yes, it is more complicated because my job is changing this summer. And yes, if I was more accomplished I would have a USB drive with everything on it from years past that I could adapt.

So really, this problem is exaggerated right now for me. But it holds true. I’ve never made it through a full summer holiday without working. Maybe that’s something to think about when people laugh and say “so, you’re in it for the holidays”.

Yep, I did. I will definitely put up with apathy, resistance, bullying and downright ignorance all year for six weeks off. And do you know what the worst part is?

I’m doing all of this work to make sure that the children that I teach don’t end up like those adults.

So, just to sum up my ridiculous rant:

Teacher Problems #1

Having wonderful holidays and then realising that you have to work through at least half of them.