High school sucks, but it never sucked more than the four years I attended. Because of course something is so sharp and raw and real when it’s your high school, when things suck for you, and that pain stays fresh, some sharp point lodged beneath your ribs. I wondered how I could go through four years bleeding, and what I would possibly do with my life when high school was over.

No one understood me, I thought, and that was sharp, too. I didn’t really understand myself. I retreated into my books and my music, and there was one album…

How the show Supernatural gave me something to hang onto

A steaming off-white cup sits on a dark, reddish wood table top, with a TV with “Netflix” in red letters in the background
A steaming off-white cup sits on a dark, reddish wood table top, with a TV with “Netflix” in red letters in the background
Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

As an affirmed, unapologetic binge watcher, this new normal of TV consumption is my ideal way to watch. Binge watching is great. Why have one episode when instead I could have two or three (or four, blissfully ignoring that pause of Netflix’s mild judgement). I get to immerse myself, even if only for a little while, in another world. I have always been the type of person to latch onto things, making what should be casual entertainment into an investment in who I am. Any vehicle for a story —…

My complaint is that my “girlfriend” is TOO lifelike.

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

Hi, Lisa from tech support, I’m doing terribly today. The reason for my call is a complaint I have with my new girlfriend.

I don’t appreciate the attitude, Lisa, of course I’m sure I called the right place. My girlfriend is not a person, okay, it’s actually a highly personalized AI companion, the UR Friend model robot I recently purchased from your website. My complaint is that it’s too lifelike.

Yes, I’m sure this is a complaint and not praise. And yes, I know the UR stands for “ultra realistic” but there’s a line between ultra realistic and too realistic…

That it’s FINE you ate those plums, REALLY

This is just to say…

You might have noticed there are some plums in the icebox. Oh, excuse me, there were some plums in the icebox, yesterday, only a few hours ago, but really strangely there are no plums there now? They’re just gone? That’s so odd, almost like someone ate them or something. Did you see them? You know, before someone thoughtlessly ate them and ruined my entire day by taking my breakfast? They were perfect. Round and a shiny, luminous purple. They were probably delicious, too, but I’ll never know…

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

The moon shone round and bright above me, a broken, pearly jewel in the deep crown of the twilight. It was a beautiful night — cold, in the first real breath of autumn, and I zipped up the jacket I’d thrown on before I left. No one would see me, I thought, not this far out of town, not here in the middle of nowhere. It was a place I’d visited only once before and I hoped that I’d remembered the way. Trees lined the side of the road, tall sentries with dark wood. …

Photo by Sayantan Kundu from Pexels

He told me he was a tiger.

My heart sped up, and I could feel the hot rush of blood through my body — my fingertips, my chest, my thighs — as I took a deep, gasping breath. My face flushed and there was a thrilling sort of tingle in my body as he stared at me, a half-cocked smile curling one end of his full, pretty mouth. …

The winding road that leads to my parents’ house is lined with trees, so to me, going home has always meant going to the forest. As much as I might enjoy the fantasy of living in a big city, I don’t think I could ever do it — so I try to take advantage of the benefits of living in a less urban area. For me, that means looking behind my house at the thick stretch of forest. I’m a morning person, and on the weekends I like to get up as early as I can, enjoying every last moment…

Photo by Ashton Bingham on Unsplash

It’s a strange feeling. Like a tickle in the back of your mind — that odd but insistent feeling of familiarity. You turn your head to glance at something you might have seen out of the corner of your eye, you stop to listen to something that sounds like a voice you can almost remember. But nothing ever comes of it, and no matter how you clutch at the thread, it fades before recognition can set in. It’s not unlike deja vu, you think, though you’ve never been prone to deja vu before. …

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

They did not call them eyes. Most sensors would emit strong beams of yellow light if activated, but that feature was rarely used anymore. Unit P1–5 did not call them eyes either, but when faced with the processor’s sensors across from him, the old human habit of calling them eyes suddenly made sense.

He had been studying humans for a long time, trying to understand them, trying to force human habits and customs to make logical sense. He had not been successful. They did not operate according to logic. Nothing about humans could be extrapolated with any degree of accuracy…

City Ordinance № 17–1–27: Birds Prohibited in Intersections

Photo by Egor Kunovsky on Unsplash

“He’s back again,” the captain said, looking out the window.

A penguin stood in the middle of the intersection outside the station. Its head was tipped up towards the sky.

“I told you, Edwards,” the captain said.

“You did,” Edwards agreed.

“If it was out there one more time — “

“I know,” Edwards said, nodding.

“I’m not in the mood to deal with a damn penguin holding up traffic all morning. Go out there and get rid of him.”

Edwards had been tasked with removing this particular bird several times before…

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