Death Queen: My new job title…

Hannah Velten
Jul 9 · 3 min read

I actually don’t care any more, what others think about me and my work. I don’t care if I’m believed. I don’t care if I rub people up the wrong way. That’s not my concern. My concern is that by using my job title of ‘Death Queen’, those who need to find me, will. I’ve hidden in the shadows too long.

My new writing journal is dark green and has a running stag on the front. It is titled ‘Death Queen’ and I began a few days ago — 07.07.19.

‘Death Queen’ is a title which I’ve… finally… accepted, on my brother’s 44th birthday. It’s my birthday gift to him. Christian may be in spirit, but he’s very much with me. He’s delighted I’ve finally become my true self, as he knows what’s going to happen when I truly align with my calling.

I’ve earned the title, he tells me.

I wrote the following list of achievements, with him, on his birthday, as he helped to remind me, and prove to me, that I was a deserved ‘Death Queen’.

“In the past four years…

I’ve denied grief. I’ve fought against grief. I’ve been split open by grief. I’ve accepted grief. I’ve faced grief. I’ve explored grief. I’ve released grief. I’m grief-free.

I’ve seen death. I’ve understood death. I’ve passed on love after death. I’ve f*cking bossed this Spirit Messenger role. I’ve moved and retrieved energy after death. I’ve healed myself and others. I know it [death]. I’ve explored it. I’ve lived through it, and beyond it.

I’m here to release fear, grief and disillusionment. Trauma release. Remove fear around death, grief and dying. I can find and return the lost pieces. I can reveal the truths.

Offer your services and tell your story.

Energy is key.

Spirit communication is key.”

I’m not sure what a ‘Death Queen’s’ supposed to look like, but the selfie is me. Just me. As I am.

With all this in mind, I’m stepping up to do the real job I’ve come to do. I’ve trained intensely for it, without knowing, over 16 years since Christian first went missing in Africa. There’s to be no more tarot readings. No more hiding. My focus is now on smashing the ‘taboo’ subjects of death, grief and living after death; my tools are trance mediumship, guided writing, divination and energy work.

I was told last year that my brother and I would heal and transform grief in the world and, with my new title of ‘Death Queen’, I can just begin to see the beginning of the pathway ahead.

I know I’m strong enough.

I know I have the powers, the gifts and the training.

Spirit trusts me.

I trust Spirit: I trust the information I receive.

I have compassion, but not pity. Grief’s a bitch. But it’s self-imposed. It can be healed with dialogue between the physical and non-physical realms and I’m proof of this. Whatever the physical circumstances, loss can be healed and relationships resumed after death. Truths revealed and clarity gained.

And I’m ready, with my army in Spirit, to do the work I’ve been called to do.

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