10 New Things

1. I learned that I am a lot stronger as a person than I thought I was. I beat back my anxiety and depression so I could focus a little more on school.

2. I learned that life is not as easy as I thought it would be. Especially when I’m living pretty much on my own without any parental guidance.

3. I learned that I miss swimming competitively very much. I miss being on a team of thirty-six girls and having pasta parties every week.

4. I learned that while Graceland University is not exactly the college for me, it is still a school that I have enjoyed going to.

5. I learned that I don’t really have friends to call my own because I lost all of my friends in my last year of college, but I have found people that I have enjoyed hanging out with and I will miss them a lot when I leave.

6. I learned that most of my family on my dad’s side hate each other. Even when they don’t show it I can still tell that they are very hostile towards each other.

7. I learned that America has made pretty stupid choices during the election season. People don’t really care about background I guess.

8. I learned that I love to write short stories and that I always have to keep a journal with me so that when I have an idea, I can write it down so that I don’t forget it.

9. I learned that I miss marching band and the “family” that I left behind there. I miss the way we would hang out eating ice cream after football games and the way we defended each other.

10. I learned that I sucks to be in college and I miss high school. I miss the crowded hallways and the way people would shout at each other, but most of all I miss all of the great teachers that I had and I wish that I could take them with me so they could teach me instead.