15 Mistakes That Will Slowly Destroy Your Relationship

One of the biggest threats to a relationship is when one or both of you stop trying. We all know the honeymoon period where you’re trying to impress each other by putting your best foot forward isn’t going to last forever. Once the butterflies in your stomach start to fade, you’re entering a new phase in your relationship where you’re both comfortable being yourselves. But if you aren’t careful, you could get too comfortable and start to lose sight of why you’re in a relationship to begin with. It doesn’t always have to be a huge blowout that ends things; sometimes it’s a bunch of little things that wouldn’t be a big deal on their own, but take their toll before you even realize it.

1. Holding grudges.

Forgiveness is important not only in a relationship, but in all parts of life. People make mistakes, and if you can’t let things go even after they apologize and plenty of time has gone by, you’re going to have a hard time ever being happy.

2. Taking every little thing personally.

Sometimes things have nothing to do with you. If you insist on turning every little fight into more than it needs to be, the stress of constantly walking on egg shells is eventually going to become overwhelming.

3. Being unnecessarily critical.

No one is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with making suggestions if you’re trying to help your boyfriend through something, but constantly scrutinizing and judging his every move is eventually going to become grating. No one wants their character to be questioned at every turn, and it’s unlikely he’ll put up with your negative attitude for long.

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