4 Keys to Building Relationships with Major Donors

Relationships are important for donors of all shapes and sizes, but for none more so than major donors. Because they are going to be making a major investment into your organization, major donor prospects want to feel that they have a strong relationship with your non-profit prior to making a financial commitment. Today, let’s talk about the four keys to building a strong and sustainable relationship with your major donor prospects:

1. Get Their Attention

Major donors usually have lots of people vying for their attention, including business and personal contacts as well as other non-profit organizations seeking support. In order to begin a relationship with a new potential large giver, your organization needs to get their attention so that you can get on the donor’s radar screen.

The best way to get the attention of a major donor prospect is by having someone who knows them introduce your non-profit. If a board member, donor, staff member or volunteer at your organization knows the prospect and is willing to make the introduction and vouch for your non-profit, it can kick-start the relationship in a way that few other tactics can.

Other ways to get the attention of a major donor prospect are by getting that person to come to an event (fundraising or non-ask), connecting with employees at the prospect’s business for volunteer opportunities, releasing a major report or holding a note-worthy seminar or hosting an important speaker, launching a campaign in a program area that matches the prospect’s interests… the possibilities are (nearly) endless, but no matter what you choose to do, you have to get the donor’s attention before he or she will be able to focus on your non-profit.

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