Hanna Shaba

Media Analysis

Period 3


Father-daughter relationships are very precious in the eyes of society. Audi released a commercial in February 2017 about a father who cannot even fathom his daughter growing up and feeling inferior to men. The video shows a little girl go-kart racing against all boys, clearly very skilled at what she is doing. Her father goes on to talk about how he wants to tell her a different story than one where she will be seen as less. She eventually wins the race, proving that although she was the only girl competing, she excelled and won against her male opponents. This ad makes personal connections with their target consumers, young men who want the best for their extremely young daughters.

Obviously all fathers want the best for their little girls. Carl Jung comes into play because this is the narrator’s story, he wants to be the hero for his daughter and be able to encourage her to be her best. The ad makes viewers feel sad and frustrated with the man explaining how no matter what his daughter does, she will be viewed as less compared to a male. However, they also feel happy towards the end seeing that she won the race. This shows that Audi supports females and wants to see them succeed.

The car in the commercial is a dark, sporty, brand new car with a young father as its owner, so from this we assume that this is their target buyer. The car is also shiny and is made to seem somewhat luxurious, so they also are targeting men with a little more money. The last image shown in the commercial says “Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work.” This helps Audi sell this product by showing young dads that they too can contribute to the future of their daughters by buying Audi cars. They are telling the customer that that they should buy an Audi instead of another car because they are fighting for a good cause.

Although the gender pay gap is a very controversial topic, this ads is effective because it makes the viewer see it as a more emotional rather than a political issue. It sends a message making their audience aware of this issue, while still selling their product. Whether it makes you feel sad, angry, or all of the above, Audi succeeded in hitting home to men everywhere.

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