How to double your website traffic using translation services

A few days ago I came across an amazing video created by Neil Patel on how to double website traffic through internalization. Since this topic is a part of my job (I am a professional Russian translator and Ukrainian translator), I decided to share some more details on how to double website traffic when you translate your website to other languages.

The easiest way to increase website traffic is to expand internationally and speak the languages that your target audience speaks.

According to Neil Patel statistics, since his website has been translated into different languages, his business expanded globally.

The research which has been carried out by the Commonwealth Advisory, also proves, that today consumers prefer making purchases in their own language.

In this case, website translation is very important step when you want to expand globally and improve traffic to your website.

I have been in translation and localization business for nearly 17 years. I have localized quite a lot of website into Russian and Ukrainian for companies whose main goal has been to expand in the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking markets. The changes, that are taking place in the website marketing, require permanent engagement with customers. Therefore, it is not enough to translate a website, your business, in general, should speak and engage with the customers in the target market.

My experience shows that today business companies can easily engage with their customers in the target markets by implementing the following techniques:

  1. Localizing newsletters into the language of the target market.
  2. Translating customer support messages.
  3. Translating and localizing social media accounts.

Of course, you might say that it would be very expensive. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways how you can get cost-effective translation services. Check my post how my customers manage to keep their budget with my Russian translator services.