Excellent Stem Cell Therapy Of Spinal Cord Injury Patient Experience In India

Hello, my name is Cedric McCullum, I am from Wellington, New Zealand. Two years back, at the age of 25, my life came to a tragic quirk when I met with a car accident while driving back home after a road trip. I was left with a T12 Spinal Cord Injury where I completely lost all the voluntary movements in my lower body. I consulted my hospitals and spine experts after my primary treatment; however, I didn’t receive any satisfactory solution from any of them. Then one fine day, I came across an online research article about the potential of stem cells in treating the spinal cord injury. So, I started finding the best place for stem cell treatment of Spinal cord injury.

Stem Cell Therapy Of Spinal Cord Injury India

When I inquired about getting the stem cell treatment in New Zealand, it comes out to be very expensive and out of my budget considering the past bills of the hospitals that I had already paid. Then I lost hope of getting this treatment done due to money constraint, however, one of the doctors in New Zealand advised me to consider my stem cell therapy options in India as I can get an affordable cost stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury in India. Along with my research, I found many options in India offering the stem cell therapy for SCI and I also found out that recently India has gained popularity amongst international patient due to the boost in their medical tourism industry and many other reasons. Here, they will give you high-quality stem cell treatment with the best affordable stem cell treatment cost. The stem cell doctors in India are very well qualified and experts in their field of treating chronic disorders and this led my interest in choosing India for my stem cell treatment.

Now, I was on a task to find out the best stem cell therapy centre in India that can offer me a good competitive treatment package without compromising on the quality of the therapy and other facilities. After a quick search and discussion with a couple of centers in India, I finalized on one of the best stem cell therapy centre in India and after completing the entire requirement as per the guidance which was given by them, I got my visa and flight tickets booked, I went to India. I was accompanied by my elder brother and after landing at the airport, we were picked up by their representative who took us to the hotel where our accommodation was already booked and after a quick nap and refresher we then went for the consultation with the doctor who was supposed to carry out my stem cell therapy at their facility. He checked my all previous medical record and after a physical examination and investigation, he performed the stem cell procedure for me the next day.

As a part of my stem cell therapy protocol, I underwent the procedure where I was given a total of 6 doses of stem cell injections of each comprising a total of 200–300 million cells. The stem cell was administered into my body through IV (Intravenously) and LP (Lumbar Puncture) followed by physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The whole procedure was painless and comfortable for me and the whole team of nursing staff and the doctors were so supportive and humble that they didn’t let me feel like I was out of my country in an unknown hand.

Since receiving my stem cells treatment for SCI, there are a lot of improvements in my lower body. My legs have gotten a lot stronger. With the assistant and support, I am now able to walk whilst standing. I can also feel pain sometimes which is rather way better than feeling nothing at all. I have also gained improvements in my bowel and bladder. I can feel now feel the bladder and can know when it’s time to go toilet. Getting my stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord Injury in India is like a blessing to me.

I am extremely satisfied and happy with the whole treatment experience. The friendly, professional and caring staff in India had played an important role in helping me achieve and feel healthy again. Anyone who is out there with spinal cord injury and considering getting the best stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury, then they must consider this centre in India. You have got nothing to lose. The cost of the overall treatment in India is nothing compared to what you could get back from there. To be able to come to India for the treatment, it really did pay off and I will highly recommend it.

Thank you all.

Mr Cedric McCullum, New Zealand

Reference: Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury