How do you feel about going on a quest?

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For me the idea of a quest awakens my imagination and inner child…

My inner child is thrilled with the idea of the unknown, filled with curiosity, excitement, freedom, and bravery…

My imagination expands into multiple directions..who and what will I encounter meet along the way? what and who will show up? what will I discover?

My body wonders what sensations will i experience…

My heart filled with wonder and awe…

I cannot help but think of Alice in Wonderland and the Yellow Brick Road, and all the interesting fellow travelers she met along the way. …

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Lothar Dieterich

For the first time! How do you feel when you visit a new place or a foreign country for the first time?

Excited? Curious? Apprehensive? Cautious? It is strange, is it not, a stranger in a strange land? Unfamiliar and new. The place looks different, customs are different to ours, and people look, behave, talk, and dress differently. It takes a while to orientate ourselves and to feel comfortable and at ease if we do not regularly travel to new and foreign places.

We feel out of place, as if we do not belong. …

The most used word in the world is apparently Ok,

How is that possible with all the fear, uncertainty and fray?

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Linus Nylund

Fear of the future and/or attachment to the past,

Fear of not being good enough or to be last or an outcast

Subconsciously sabotaging many change strategies,

Which leads to all kinds of perceived catastrophes

It takes our attention away from the present moment

So we cannot access the gracious bestowment

Of infinite possibilities in our wondrous universe,

Which is a blessing and not a curse!

All waiting to manifest through us,

But we are tied in all sorts of knots and all the…


Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia

Hannelie loves to bring joy and to create and share enriching and expansive experiences and perspectives that remind us of our greatness, potential and genius.

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