Book Notes — Everyday Calculus


This post will put the main ideas of my "Publishing my Study Notes" in production as a beta-test.

"Everyday Calculus" is a short book that I read a while ago. I decided to start with a simple book to test my notes template. Here are the main ideas that I took from it:

My goals with these notes are the following:

  • Share a very quick summary of the book/article/course. This could help future readers to decide if they get a copy of the book or not. I am trying to write neutral comments (it can be difficult sometimes).
  • Memorise some important ideas
  • Help myself and the other to notice the big picture of the book and connect the pieces properly
  • Obtain an effective template for taking notes

We will need many other book notes to refine this LaTeX template. All my notes are on Github, so feel free to contribute. I am still testing this model of publishing summaries and insights of books, articles and courses. If you have any feedback, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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