Why I do it.

Years ago when I still had to walk through the halls that were lined with inspirational quotes & the occasional gum clump, I did something that I never thought was possible for myself. I have always been short. It has made me the brunt of a few jokes from my friends. My math teacher once put my valentines gift I was giving to my so called boyfriend at the time up on the loop of the projector pull down. He found it funny that I had to jump repeatedly to try and get it back — and so did the class. I didn’t mind. I knew I was short. It was something I was going to have to deal with. Paired with my shortness was shyness. I had a soft voice that I didn’t use often to disagree with others. I kept my opinions to myself and dealt with whatever anyone said. I knew another kid who was like me — quiet and short. We got along pretty well. He did take a verbal beating from classmates on a daily basis and one day I just had enough of the comments thrown his way. I was walking back to class with him when this other kid decided to go in for another day of bullying. He was twice my size and someone no one wanted to mess with but I couldn’t deal with his mouth .I don’t exactly remember what words he used that day but I shouted across the hall something along the lines of why don’t you pick on somebody your own size. I wasn’t the most clever defender but I hadn’t had much experience in the field. He of course shouted back an immature line of “ oo is she your girlfriend “ but I shot him a look and we continued onward into the class. The kid got in trouble a few days later for other misconduct so it took care of our little problem. It probably made no difference to him but I couldn’t let another second go by without saying something. I had planned to stand up to him but I was nervous and shaking up until that point. I’m still proud of it to this day. We no longer are friends but I hope that maybe somewhere in the back of his mind he remembers that moment. I knew what it was like to get bullied so perhaps I made him feel as though he wasn’t alone in it. I now have the privilege of working for a company that is in the process of developing an app for those with autism & extended beyond in the future. I know that bullying is such a predominant issue that occurs and it’s even worse for those that don’t always know how to handle a bully. This is why I love doing what I do and being a piece in this puzzle. I want to be able to put my heart and soul into something that can benefit another. This will provide a low risk & safe environment for kids & adults to learn without the fear of getting criticized for their opinions or actions — or for just being themselves. There’s a voice inside of every one of us and if I can help someone find it, that’s what matters at the end of the day.

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