How You’ll Create Bestselling Products

The absolute key that sets apart the highest achievers in society is that they are listeners and implementers. They take their audience seriously by listening to what they have to say on an individual basis. Not only that, they then go a step further and implement that which their audience desires. Seriously, test it. If you have a Twitter account it should not be too hard to go on it and contact a successful person, like say, Gary Vaynerchuk. I have tried and seen it over and over. You give him your perspective, and he implements the change in one of his following Daily Vee episodes. I see the same with highly successful companies. They go out there and ask their audience what they want, rather than creating a product or service before that. This is called product validation and it is based on listening and implementing that which your audience has to say.

Listen and implement what your audience has to say. The result = You win

Validate & Proof Your Concept

There are so many people out there who desire success and think they are the next Bill Gates or Pablo Picasso or who knows what. 99.9% of them simply wont make it. I see people who have been in the game for at least half a decade, not achieve any substantial success. The reason is simple, and you can test it (for example on Twitter). They are not listening to their audience, at least not on an individual basis. I contact some of these people, I give them my perspective, and they take it as an unworthy opinion because they only listen to a handful of people if even that. The result is that their products and services wont be tailored to the market and thus wont be successful in the long term. I mean you can convince an investor to give you money and then have runway for some period of time, but it will still be a losing business. The best way to validate and proof your concept is to listen to the market and to implement what the market has to say. It means taking your customer reviews seriously because after all you are creating your products and services for the customer and not for yourself. Just because you think you are doing something great does not mean that you actually are. Get real, be honest with yourself and open yourself to the opinion of the market. So long as you genuinely listen to your audience and what people have to say you are going to be successful in the mid to long term.

You may not have the biggest ears in town, but you can use yours’ better than anybody else

Failing To Listen & Implement = FAILING

Fail to listen to your audience on a consistent basis and you are going to create a disconnect between yourself and them. This may not matter immediately in the short term, but it is going to matter in the mid to long term. Your audience is here to give you intelligence, to give you key insights, to provide you with data that you can use to outcompete anybody else in the market. Businesses pay large sums of money for surveys. What if you could have a first hand route towards top notch surveys, simply by beginning to choose to listen and implement the realized desires of your audience? It will empower you rather than the marketing agency, it will hand to you the keys to your market. By listening and implementing you are going to begin to build a connection with your market that will reflect in sales while building your brand. This should be your number one goal if you want to be in business long term and be more successful than the rest. So what are you waiting for? Listen and implement, no matter how small the voice that is calling out to you.

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