3 Must Dont’s You Need to Do to Win Ultimate Success

This is success.

Everyone wants success yeah? Even Donald Trumpie. Surprised, yeah I do that sometimes. Whatever, I’m a renegade. Let the old men of the town stroke their beards and cluck their tongues as they mutter “what shall be done with this Hannes?” Alright, strap yourselves in. What are the Most Dont’s to Do For Ultimate Success?:

  1. Hustle. You just gotta do it man. Don’t ever stop. Ever. Unless you’re thirsty. Then get yourself a cool drink, dehydration can be dangerous.
  2. See rule 1. Bloody hell. Whats the go with this Hannes guy? Does he even care about the rules? No. Except for driving without a seat belt, that’s one rule I do care about. And public littering.
  3. Use words like Synergy a lot. Its a good one. Also, binary.

There you have it. You’re welcome