BOMBSHELL- Rod Wheeler Admits He Wasn’t Misquoted

America First Media Releases Portion of Text Conversation

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Statement issued by America First Media:

America First Media Group is releasing for the first time a series of text messages from one of our sources in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. In Mid May, Fox News would retract their Seth Rich story basing it on Rod Wheeler claiming he was misquoted. This screen shot of the text is Rod Wheeler admitting to Fox News Malia Zimmerman that he was not misquoted in her article about the investigation of Seth Rich.

NOTE: I was asked to remove the screenshot for the following violation of the terms on Medium:

Posting copies of private communications between private individuals without the explicit consent of all parties to the communication

***In order to meet the terms of service, I have removed the screenshot of the text message and will only refer to the context of the conversation.

A portion of a group text message was released to America First Media from one of our sources showing a section of a conversation between Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman, former homicide detective and Fox contributor Rod Wheeler, and an unknown person.

The conversation appears to show Wheeler confirming to Zimmerman there were no errors in her story — a direct contradiction to the lawsuit launched by Wheeler against Fox News where he claims he was misquoted in the aforementioned story causing harm to his reputation.

The lawsuit can be read below:

The controversial lawsuit has been plagued with challenges since the day it was filed when Cassandra Fairbanks released audio files on Big League Politics, one from journalist Seymour Hersch discussing the Seth Rich homicide in relation to the Wikileaks emails released during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and another of Wheeler himself appearing to contradict his claims made in the lawsuit.

Along with articles by Fairbanks and others documenting similar contradictions, a web site appeared with the sole purpose of disputing the claims in the lawsuit — DebunkingRodWheelersClaims.


It seems the lawsuit is becoming more and more difficult to overcome the amount of contradictory evidence available in the public domain as each day passes.

More as the this story develops…


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