Jeff Jarvis

Let me get this straight — you are wondering why people are leary about voting for a woman who is directly responsible for destabilizing the Middle East, displacing and killing millions of people, including Americans, and then selling weapons to the moderate rebels just so they can join ISIS and use them against us? To top it off, she then lied about it and allowed an Ambassador and 3 other Americans to die to keep her secret?

The equal rights candidate who talks about women's’ issues and homosexual rights while accepting money from the same regimes who are raping and slaughtering these same groups is the sane choice?

Libya was all Clinton. Obama has said attacking Libya was the biggest mistake of his Presidency — and this is the judgement you think deserves to lead the free world?

Your candidate used the State Department as her personal elite boutique for selling favors and influence, and somehow misplaced over 6 trillion dollars of taxpayer money during her tenure, and now you want to offer tips to help put her in charge of the entire country?

A former U.S. soldier — a man who has actually put his life at risk for his country — is currently in jail for having the inside of a submarine show up as the background of picture he took to show his family where he worked while your candidate is not only not in prison for exposing some of the country’s most sensitive information to hackers, she is campaigning to be President.

These items are only a sampling of your candidate’s actions. There’s a whole bunch more in the latest batch of #DNCLeaks that the corrupt media refuses to even talk about. I have to laugh when a liberal says Trump is all the media talks about as if they have been helping him with positive coverage — bias against Hillary. He is now leading in spite of the media not because of them.

I will agree the media should be talking more about Hillary — the #DNCLEAKS would give them enough talking points for the rest of the campaign.

There is nothing — nothing — Trump has done or said that even comes close to the level of corruption of your candidate. If you believe words — no matter how politically incorrect you think they may be — can even be compared to the millions of lives lost and destroyed through her foreign policies alone, I suggest you step back and reassess what you stand for before calling at least half of the voters names.

Even though Donald Trump may be a flawed candidate in his own respect, there is no denying he loves his country. If greed was his motivation, he’d have been better off not running.

Nobody owns Donald Trump and that’s arguably one of the best reasons to vote for him. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a President you know hasn’t been bought by a lobby group?

As for people who claim to be scared — why? You’re not electing a king or a dictator. Trump still has to work with the other governing bodies, and if anything, will have to work even harder because of the detractors in his own party. There are plenty of checks and balances to keep him in line if that’s what worries you.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, would be much closer to electing a dictator — well, a dictator who serves the corporate donors who have already paid for her loyalty.

So if you really think all these big corporations are dumping millions of dollars into her campaign just so she can be elected and serve the common folk, you’re not nucking futs, you are just deceived and need to reassess. Many people already have and it’s showing in the polls.