I don’t really know who you are.
Survival Gardener

Lol, great response, thanks.

To be fair to Medium, I understand they are trying to come up with a structure to reward writers without resorting to ads so it will take some creative thinking to accomplish.

But the current setup is not the way. I knew something didn’t feel right from the onset but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was until after I had tried it.

As I mentioned to Steve, it became apparent the heaviest users were the ones being effected the most contrary to the claims Medium had made.

Like yourself, I have not seen the benefits to a subscription. And as a writer, I certainly am not going to pay to create content for their platform.

I think Medium first needs to assess where the value lies on their site, and in my opinion, value is created by writers who can keep the readers engaged for longer periods of time.

If you can assign a value for that time spent per reader, then you can calculate what each writer is worth to their platform. The applause system is meaningless — which is more meaningful, 3 people clapping 60 times or 1000 people clapping 2 times…nobody really knows. I have no idea what amount of applause is considered polite on a mediocre article. It’s pointless.

They would be better off allowing a tipping system for the writers who choose to implement one. A percentage to the house for the writing space would be fair and allow the platform some funding.

I don’t know how well their subscription model is working for them but I don’t see it as being the answer to the future of Medium. Maybe I’m wrong.

Between yourself, Steve, and myself, there’s already three who do not support the subscription model.

Thanks for the input,


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