Sorry, Snopes does not count as a credible debunking source any longer.
Hannibal Moot

Lynette, sorry I haven’t responded. I’ve been swamped. I didn’t forget.

Let me try and change the tone a bit.

You are right that using or not using a site like Snopes is a matter of preference. I do concede, the couple who started it, as well as one other writer I can think of, do a good job at most types of debunking or fact checking.

Their credibility as a source has come into question more in their political coverage where they have been caught on a few things, but I’m not going to get into that. It’s personal preference as you say.

The source I checked back on for this particular story of the ballot boxes did say their source didn’t pan out any further, so I’ll take your word if you say it’s been debunked.

There is still an investigation in Ohio on one of the Super-Pacs and fraudulent registrations, but it appears the more extreme cases are showing up in other states now.

There is so much information coming out everyday that I’ve been trying to follow, every time I’ve tried to chase this one to see if it went anywhere, I get caught up in a different lead. I have about 30 tabs open on my browser already.

I apologize if I came across in a gotcha manner — I do feel as if everyone, myself included, is better served at this point by trying to learn as much as possible about whatever corruption is legitimately happening, and get out of this emotional Clinton/Trump battle.

At least, that’s what I’m trying to do personally. I didn’t start off a Trump fan, and I don’t know if I’d call myself one now. I think this election is a battle between remaining sovereign or heading further down the globalism path. The more I discover, the more I believe we are heading down a scary path.

If I do happen to learn anymore on this particular story, I will post about it. It’s likely if there is anything else legit, it will show up in one of the Podesta email drops or will be uncovered in a bigger way somewhere online.

Again, I apologize for my tardy response. Have a good weekend.

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