This piece will be a lot more credible once you clean up all the typos.
Sam Ursu

Sam, seeing as you are helping me find those typos, I thought I’d give you a hand on your last article.

Nothing too serious — I’m a bit of a stickler for details so I thought you might want to look at these sections:

  • “Meanwhile, the ship was tossing and heaving as it passed through through several storms,…”
  • “But once the building was done, the real task was to try and farm the land. Without the possibility of bringing work animals, the refugees had to do all the clearing, plowing, *howing, furrowing, seeding, harvesting, and drying by hand.” — (I assume you meant hoeing)
  • “…a group of Saints were out hunting in t… “ — (Should be: a group…was out…)
  • “…a group of local Americans were scheduled to dr…“ — (Same issue: a group…was out…)
  • “The woman, likewise, are wearing freshly-laundered dresses without even a smudge of dirt or a stain.” — (The women…are wearing…)

There are a few other grammatical errors but they aren’t noteworthy.

Hope this helps. Writing is always a learning experience. I’m still learning after 30+ years.


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