The Resistance Is On the March. It’s Time For Senate Democrats To Catch Up.

Sorry to tell you but the Resistance will die with the Democratic Party as normal, everyday liberals are now seeing the true agenda. Berkeley was your biggest mistake. Americans are all for peaceful protests, debates, free speech, and resolving differences peacefully.

Working class liberals with families and values are as disgusted by the violence and media propaganda as working class conservatives.

Organizations like yours, funded by billionaire globalists, hiring paid protesters and organizers to incite violence is accomplishing one thing, and one thing only — destruction of the Democratic Party.

Unless somebody more centre steps in and takes over the party, it will be finished. You don’t need a degree in political science to see this is true.

The Resistance as you like to call it is not a majority of liberals — it’s not a majority of anybody — it’s a collection of funded protesters using the media and the nutball Hollywood elite to attempt to get liberals onside by calling everyone else nazis or fascists while committing acts of violence, destruction, and terrorism against fellow Americans. Helluva a job you’re doing.

Berkeley was your Waterloo — the beginning of the end of the resistance.

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