Thank you Hannibal.
Steve McGrath

Steve, first I want to thank you for your feedback — always well articulated and thought out.

Allow me to explain my experiment with the last two articles — as you know, Medium has been attempting to implement their system which would allow writers such as myself an opportunity to be paid for our work.

I received their offer to participate, and, though not particularly comfortable with the system they had chose, decided to test it out.

Being a long time member (no, not a paying one myself and I will come back to this) of this writing community, I decided to try and support their new method.

What clinched the decision for me when weighing out my options was the reassurance their new ‘paywall’ would not effect the average non-paying member of Medium as there is a number of free premium articles granted to non-haloed readers every month.

Of course, what I have discovered is it does effect many of my readers, such as yourself, who read a great deal on Medium and have not seen the value of purchasing the monthly subscription — the same feeling I have regarding the subscription.

What I learned over the past two articles of testing their member program is this — their setup to compensate writers is deeply flawed and based on the completely wrong metrics for determining value for it’s writers.

First part is their subscription fee — why would I pay a monthly subscription to contribute to their content in the first place? Hence the reason I have not purchased a subscription myself.

Although not a requirement to participate in their member program, it certainly gives authors the optics of asking their readers to purchase a subscription to a service they themselves do not participate in, nor should they.

Content creators should automatically be granted their halo as part of being what makes Medium a source for material.

After receiving the first estimate of my earnings for the week, a whole $0.10, I would not even earn enough to cover my $5.00 monthly subscription.

It became quickly apparent the proper setup for reimbursing authors fairly and not punishing heavy readers such as yourself would be to base their reward structure not on applause by paid members (writers could actually earn money from people hitting applause without ever reading the article fyi), but by basing their reimbursement system on how long a writer keeps readers engaged on their site.

Since this is a metric already available to writers in their control panels, the structure is already there and could easily be switched over from the ridiculous and meaningless applause system.

The other principle of business currently implemented, a disastrous mistake made by many businesses, is they are punishing their best customers, such as yourself — the heavier readers.

Would it not make more sense to reward readers who spend the greater amount of time on the site with more premium articles per month?

Instead, the more you read on Medium, the more likely you would not be able to access articles behind the paywall. Whereas, the lesser loyal customers who may happen to pop in and out occasionally are the ones who do not notice the difference as they never hit their quota of premium articles read in a month.

This is punishing the best customers and attempting to cater to the less loyal — basic business mistakes 101. Always reward your best customers first.

As a loyal writer to their platform, apparently I too have been punished with my last article. When I wrote outside of their partner program, I had always been granted an opportunity to correct any violations they had claimed I had violated.

Being a partner member, my article was removed completely after no more than an hour or two, and even after amending the piece to meet their criteria, was not reinstated.

I have decided to end my experiment with Medium’s partner program for the reasons I have stated. My goal was certainly not to deprive my best followers of my stories. In fact, anyone, including non-fans critical of my work, who had complained of the paywall blocking my articles, I provided with a private link so they could still read the piece.

I have also removed the lock from the last article and republished my current story, with their desired changes, to my publication, BullTruth Magazine, as had been my standard practice. You can find it here:

Although I would like to continue writing at Medium, I am also working on my own site where I will publish all my articles in their entirety so nobody will miss reading my work due to paywalls, censorship, or whatnot.

Thank you for your support Steve.


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