Wait, the story Junior and the Russian lawyer are telling about themselves?
Brent Cottontail Kennedy

This is a perfect example of someone who has only watched the fake news mainstream reports about this story. Easy to spot cause they think this was somehow a win for Democrats. When you look at the facts, this was a major screwup and it’s going to result in a story which will suddenly be dropped by the mainstream — the Dems are implicated with actual Russian collusion in an attempt to set up Don Jr.

Even if I were to say look up the Russian lawyer — who she is, how she came to be in the U.S., who let her in the country and when — they won’t do it. Or if I said to look up the translator — who they were, who they worked for, why they were chosen to be present at the meeting — they won’t do it.

It doesn’t make any difference when there are literally thousands of pages of documents available from the FBI and FOIA requests from Judicial Watch — hard evidence of corruption within the DNC and the Democrats — they will continue to believe the media and instead will resort to calling me, and anyone else, childish names as they always do when they can’t argue facts.

Please don’t interpret my response as an invitation to debate — it’s not. I have yet to fully decipher what it is you were trying to say in your first comment.

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