Not for Everybody
Andrew Courter

When I first installed Highly, I immediately stopped using it when I realized there was no option for unlisted highlights. Doing research, I could not imagine the purpose of public by default highlights — typically, I’m collecting data to put in context at the end of story, etc.

I asked about unlisted highlights and was told it was coming, so I kept the apps and extensions installed and waited patiently.

While I was happy to see the announcement that the private/unlisted feature was now being offered, I was disappointed to see yet another app asking for a subscription fee for a feature which seems a no-brainer to have had in the first place.

Sure, it’s only another $2 per month — on top of all my other subscriptions for music, Evernote, a premium password service, Netflix, a couple of writing apps, and some additional cloud storage for a few places.

Recently, I subscribed to a service called SetApp for Mac (sorry Windows) which is a collection of premium apps — around 70 and growing — which is $10 per month for unlimited usage (Free 1 month trial available) of the most current version of every app. I thought this was a phenomenal idea.

I liked this concept so much, I vowed I would not be adding any new subscriptions in an effort to promote this concept to other companies. I will likely keep most of my current subscriptions, but when I can substitute for something already in, or added to SetApp, I will switch in an effort to get as much consolidation and value for my money.

Suffice to say, I will be uninstalling the Highly apps and extensions. I’ve hit the subscription ceiling, as a lot of other people I know have as well. The model is supersaturated.

Perhaps, one day your company will explore a collection option such as SetApp and I will use your service. I likely would have paid a reasonable one-time fee for a premium version as another option, but to pay another monthly fee for a private option? I’ll pass, thanks.

**Note — I have no affiliation with SetApp other than as a satisfied customer. My promotion of this service is for the benefit of app users, including myself, who feel inundated by the ever expanding subscription model, and wish to suggest more companies explore this type of collection option instead.

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