Think of the millions of people who have died because of Bush
I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her
Wil Wheaton

Wil, I don’t understand how you can feel this way about Bush and somehow think Obama/Clinton have not and are not an extension of what he started. In fact, they’ve taken the concept of ‘pre-emptive’ strikes to the next level. So much so, they have troops building up along the Russian border and seem to be chomping at the bit to provoke them.

If another establishment candidate is elected, either party, this perpetual cycle of fear-mongering and pre-emptive war is going to keep on going taking more and more lives with it. Lebanon and Syria haven’t been hints for you Wil?

I’m not a huge Trump fan personally but the best thing that could happen would be to break this cycle with an outsider. You can either fall for the hype speculating how scary Trump (a businessman) might be, or you can vote for someone who has already proven she is prepared to do more real scary stuff. Lebanon is probably the best (worst) example because that was all her. Obama has even said that was the worst mistake of his presidency.

When your government is pre-emptively invading, occupying, and pushing regime change on nations for questionable motives, you have to cut through the media hype and look at the real track records of the people running to decide who is really scary.

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