Oh… It wasnt easy at all…

You know what? life is sometimes like a song. If i preferred to tell my story here, i should surely attach my story with a song which is simply fitting into my feelings at the moment about my story.. but i really dont remember at all the name of the song which belongs to someone’s work in his solo career. anyway, the point is sometimes you feel like lebowski; the dude. you cant put the right words into sentences that you really want to express, but the people listening to you understands you with a comic feel that you make them have. anyway, the point it wasnt about the dude, im confused, the point was to tell my story right? i launched a website, and it is really doing well right now. that’s what i want to tell. that’s it, if you think that is a underground commercial, you are really free to feel in that way. for the ones who feel like dying because of that i created a big wonder; http://www.ilacweb.com

this is my website, that consists of information about legal drugs.. see you another story.

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